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Free registration for classes i.e no registration fee

Admission & Scholarship Process

1. 10 Days Free Course And Scholarship Qualifying Classes

Initially 10 days classes will be held after the registration for the course by students. These classes are free classes and fee will not be charged for it. But these classes will determine whether the student is qualified for the JEE batch or not.

2. Scholarship Test

This test will be held after the 10 days classes. Those students scored above 40% in it will qualify the test and are eligible for the JEE MAINS classes.

  • SCORE >90% in test - 60% tution fee relaxation
  • SCORE >80% in test - 40% tution fee relaxation
  • SCORE >70% in test - 30% tution fee relaxation

3. Direct Admission

Students not lucky enough to hit scholarship can take Direct Admissions to our classes.

  • 1 year course for class XI th
  • 1 year course for class XII th
  • 2 year course for class XI th
  • 2 year course for class XII th


This programme is stimulated for JEE aspirants. Our assistance is a preset for boasting JEE ranks. Students driven by strong urge to crack JEE are guided as per their potential requirement. To beat the competition our teaching experience and noteworthy study material assimilate the student towards success. We train future engineers here, thus value your dreams.


Ample of Strategic Training

  • Students get structured learning from experience and mentoring of Sankalp faculties.

Teaching Simplified

  • Course is smartly divided in accordance easy, planned and article-based learning. Interactive classes and motivational eye to prepare better.

Notch Top Faculties

  • Highly experienced faculties work to teach efficient time management, improve problem solving skill and building concept.

Pen Paper test (PPT) and Competitive Based Test (CPT)

  • Extensive practice test helps student to check their performance and to cope up with the exam pressure. It features PPT and CPT to impress problem solving skills and efficient time management.

Self-Study Assessment Paper (SAP)

  • On each chapter students will be given self study assessment paper( with handbook) which they have to attempt and submit before the beginning of next chapter. We ensure to provide the most trusted and revised pattern-based questions compiled to form your-self examine test.

Study material Module Study material Module

  • Hard working students often remain beaten due to improper syllabus structuring. We provide trusted module categorised with article-based question, miscellaneous exercise and previous question revision increases high success probability rate.

Test analysis session Test analysis session

Personal Attention Personal Attention

  • Each student is guided personally by faculty and mentor. All problems faced by the student's relating to subjects matter will be solved. The faculty will be dedicated toward the success of each student.

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